Expert Witness- International Trade and Customs Compliance

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Ms. Thompson has over 15 years of experience and specialize in the field of Customs and International Trade with specific knowledge specialize in the field of international trade with specific knowledge in the areas of customs compliance and import requirements. I am a former United States Customs and Border Protection Employee and a United States Licensed Customs Broker. I am a subject matter expert in the areas of classification, valuation, antidumping, free trade agreements, country of origin marking, and many other trade topics.

Ms. Thompson was an expert witness and have testified at trial for Case 2:17-cv-04393-RGK-KS United States of America et al v. Vandewater International Inc.

Ms. Thompson was an expert witness and sat for deposition for case US EX REL. CUSTOMS FRAUD v. Victaulic Co., 839 F. 3d 242 – Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit 2016

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