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International Trade Training

If your business needs training in specific subjects related to global trade compliance, Integrity International Trade Consulting LLC could easily customize courses or presentations to meet your unique learning objectives. Training can be provided at your facility, online or at our training center in Charleston, SC. For more information, please call or contact us at

Core Topics:

Classification of Merchandise

The classification of commodities imported into the United States is complex. Pursuant to the Customs Modernization Act, it is responsibility of the importers to use “reasonable care” to “classify” imported goods and provide sufficient information to assist Customs and Border Protection in assessing duties, collecting accurate statistics, and determining if applicable legal requirements are met. Correctly classifying goods is important not only for duty purposes, but also to determine whether the goods are subject to quotas, restraints, embargoes or other restrictions.

This course comprehensive and will make a difficult subject easier to grasp. Throughout this course, you will learn:

  • Overview of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of United States
  • Introduction to Classification
  • General Rules for Interpretation (1-6)
  • Additional U.S. Rules 1.
  • Practice Classification Exercises

Valuation Law

All merchandise imported into the United States must be the valuation of all imported merchandise must be pursuant Trade Agreements Act of 1979 (the Act), codified at 19 U.S.C. 1401a. Throughout this course you will be taught the following basis of appraisement as related to the Act:

  • Transaction Value
  • When Transaction Value cannot be used
  • Deductive Value
  • Computed Value
  • Fallback Method

Special Trade Preference Programs

The United States permits special trade benefits that either eliminate or reduce the duty on merchandise produced in certain countries. These special trade programs and eligibility requirements are described in this course. Throughout this course, you will be taught the rules and regulations governing each of the Special Trade Programs.

The Role of a U.S Custom Broker

Navigating through the maze of U. S. Customs rules and regulations to ensure that the importers use “reasonable care” to “enter,” “classify”, and “value” imported merchandise can be complicated and complex. In order to assist importers in fulfilling their responsibilities relating to import compliance importers may employ brokers licensed by U.S. By statute, only licensed customs brokers may conduct customs business on behalf of importers.

Throughout this course, you will learn:

  • How to become a Customs Broker
  • The Duties and Responsibilities of the Customs Broker
  • Disciplinary action towards noncompliant Customs Brokers

Additional Areas of Training:
1. Importing into the United States
2. Exporting from the United States
4. Drawback
5. Rules of Origin
6. Country of Origin Marking
7. Intellectual Property Rights
8. Trade Preference Programs/Free Trade Agreements
9. Related Party Transactions
10. Recordkeeping Requirements
11. Customs Broker Compliance
12. Penalties and Liquidated Damages
13. U.S. Customs Broker Prep Training Courses
14. Textiles and Wearing Apparel Rules of Origin
16. Importer Self-Assessment
17. Export Classification Control Number (ECCN)


Get training delivered to you instantly, in the comfort of your office or home. Purchase past webinars below:

All webinars are conducted by Integrity International Companies Founder and CEO Kelli R. Thompson, who was previously a Supervisory Import Specialist managing an apparel team in Miami. Ms Thompson has trained CBP's Import Specialists nationally at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Let her train your staff to know exactly what CBP requires for customs compliance and facilitating legitimate trade. Learn more about Ms. Thompson here.

Past Webinars

The following webinars are available for viewing-on-demand! Get educated on your schedule. You'll receive a PDF copy of the presentation to keep, and the webinar will be available for 4 weeks from date of purchase.

Get a Positive Determination: Understanding Production Records and How to Substantiate a FTA Claim for Apparel

Cost: $75

Numerous importers take advantage of Free Trade Agreements and receive preferential tariff treatment. Furthermore, TPP on the horizon means greater enforcement by CBP issuing FTA verification requests. It is ultimately the responsibility of the importer to substantiate an FTA claim. It is essential that the importer understands what records are necessary to substantiate a FTA claim.

The webinar will cover:

  • Recordkeeping requirements for FTA claims
  • The importance of in-house production record review prior to submitting to CBP
  • Key documents requested to substantiate a claim
  • Detailed explanation of production records
  • Utilizing a Production Record Checklist
  • The benefits good production records, and the risk of insufficient production records

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Affidavits: Proving Country of Origin for FTA claims for Textiles and Wearing Apparel

Cost: $75.00

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of providing sufficient records to substantiate claims.
  • Required data elements to demonstrate products qualify for preferential treatment.
  • Benefit and Risk of noncompliant affidavits or alternate documents.

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Some of our specialties include:

Entry Requirements

U.S. Customs Brokerage Training

Marking Requirements


Intellectual Property Rights

Free Trade Agreements

Preferential Tariff Treatment

Customs Valuation

What people say about us

  • Instructor Kelli Thompson is one of the most professional instructors that I have ever had. Her effective teaching skills and knowledge of the job are extraordinary. Her excitement about trade and use of creative scenarios gets the students really involved in learning. She takes subject matter that could be very dry, and she transforms it into something dynamic and interesting. I think the combination of having someone with such a strong background in teaching - combined with a strong background as an Import Specialist - is very effective.

  • I felt that our full-time instruction was beyond beneficial. The Ms. Thompson was prepared and knowledgeable in the aspects they were teaching. It was great to see so much enthusiasm and understanding from our instructor.

  • Ms Thompson is an amazing instructor! She is high energy and uses repetition and examples in a way that helps me to learn. She is a great coordinator and very organized!